This Is the Best Eyeshadow Primer on the Internet

Dacy Knight

They say that the eyes are the window to your soul. So if you've enhanced your sockets with a killer cat-eye or a super-flattering smoky eye situation, you want to make sure it lasts from the moment it's applied to the moment you decide to swipe it off. Every good makeup application begins with the base, so while shadow stylings are an important factor to achieving that wow-factor eye, eyeshadow primers are just as essential to the beauty look's success.

When it comes to eyeshadow primers, we don't approach our assessment with the same sensibilities we might with things like lipstick—where we play with several options and switch from brand to brand depending on colours. With eyeshadow primers, what we seek is long-lasting effectiveness that ensures our eyelid creations stay put no matter what the day brings. To determine the best of the best, we enlisted the help of Rank & Style, a site that aggregates the top-rated beauty and fashion buys on the internet. Here are the very best eyeshadow primers out there on the market.

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