7 Eye Creams Dermatologists Actually Use on Themselves

Lindsey Metrus

You kind of have to play Goldilocks with an eye cream. It can't be too thick or too subtle—it has to be just right. Creams that are too emollient wreak havoc on thin, impressionable under-eye skin, which can lead to milia (tiny cysts underneath the skin), and creams that aren't moisturising enough are just kind of… there. But because there's seemingly a new eye cream (or serum or gel) popping up every day, it's hard to test every single formula to find the ones that work the best.

Instead of sifting through endless piles of bottles and tubes, we went straight to a few dermatologists (they know a thing or two about skincare, after all) to find out which products they use on themselves for bright, taut under-eyes. As it turns out, many of their tried-and-true formulas are fairly under the radar. Below, take a look at their top picks.

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