Byrdie Readers Share Their All-Time Favourite Essie Colours

Amanda Montell


In 1981, one Essie Weingarten created 12 stylish nail colours and began selling them in Las Vegas. Almost four decades later, Essie is one of the most recognised nail polish brands in the country. Beloved for its massive and always current shade range, matchless staying power, chip resistance, and unforgettably whimsical colour names, Essie has won over the hearts of nail painters everywhere.

Some Essie colours have outdone the others in terms of their iconic-ness, and since we know Byrdie readers are connoisseurs of the brand, we wanted to get their take. So we posted in Byrdie’s secret Facebook group, The Beauty Line, and asked our readers to tell us their holy-grail Essie colours Let’s just say they had strong opinions. Keep scrolling to see what they said. Is your favourite Essie colour below?

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