How To Shop for Drugstore Makeup Brushes

by Lexy Lebsack

Like everything else at the drugstore, makeup brushes are packaged in a way that makes them impossible to try before you buy, making your purchase a gamble. So we rounded up dozens of drugstore brushes and makeup artist Fabiola (she works with stars like Katie Holmes, Kendall Jenner, and Elizabeth Moss, and made up Hannah Simone for our own editorial) to put them to the test.

What did we find? We’ve never seen such a huge divide between the good and the bad—and you know we love a drugstore feature! “A lot of these feel like the company just put a bunch of bristles together and called it a brush,” Fabiola told us as we went through the brands. The standouts, however, impressed her more than some of the most expensive brushes in her own kit. Click through our slideshow for the brushes that stand up to ones five times the price.

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