Love Your Straightener? These 6 Drugstore Buys Will Protect Your Strands

Emily Algar


A potent heat protectant is a super important but often forgotten part of your beauty routine. The good news is that there's zero need to spend a small fortune on a quality product. There's a huge range of drugstore mists that fit the bill perfectly, preventing damage and giving you a shinier, bouncier blow-dry. Designed to protect from temperatures of 200-plus degrees, you can rest easy knowing you won't fall victim to singed, frazzled strands any time soon.

Think of it like this: You wouldn't bask in the sun without sunscreen, so why would you heat-style your hair without protecting it? Extreme temperatures suck moisture and damage your strands, so unless you want a head full of split ends, it's crucial to put a barrier between your hair and your flatiron. 

Keep scrolling for six of the best drugstore heat protectants.

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