Makeup Artists Are Obsessed With These Drugstore Foundations

Alina Gonzalez
by Alina Gonzalez

Top makeup artists have access to the world’s most luxe and expensive foundations: La Mer, Clé de Peau, Tom Ford, Armani—you name it, they’ve used it. So given makeup artists’ experience and authority, we decided to pose them with a challenge: If you could only use drugstore foundation, which one would you choose? We figured this would be the perfect question for celebrity makeup artists, because if a drugstore foundation impresses them, you know it’s good.

As it turned out though, this didn’t end up being such a challenge for them at all. We asked a handful of the industry’s most in-demand makeup artists to share their all-time favourite drugstore foundation, and they all had clear answers at the ready. There were some clear drugstore standout brands (we’re looking at you, Maybelline!), along with a few must-know application tricks. To find out celebrity makeup artists’ favourite under-$30 foundations, keep reading!

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