These Are the Best Hair Detanglers for Pain-Free Combing

Kaitlyn McLintock


Tangles happen to the best of us, and sometimes, all the conditioner in the world can’t take on a particularly stubborn snarl. Believe me, I know. In the midst of my adolescence, my wavy and unruly hair would knot up so severely that I would take scissors and cut out the knot… much to my mother’s chagrin. (Now I cringe just writing that.)

It took some time to learn, but now I know that with a comb, some patience, and a great detangling product, no twist, snarl, or tangle stands a chance. Take it from Yoshico Alexis, colourist and stylist from Pierre Michel Salon in NYC. “It’s essential to detangle your hair right! Make sure to stay away from hair breakage by not using rough brushes or pulling or yanking your hair.” Keep reading to see the best detangling products on the market, no matter what type of hair you have!

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