Makeup Artists Say These Are the Best Concealers for Under-Eye Bags

by Byrdie

While the actual prospect of under-eye bags is a disappointing concept, the name is even worse. Bags? Lexically, it isn't a sexy word—bag lady, baggy, baggage—you get point. Now take the concept of an empty, crumpled bag and its association with the area underneath your eyes. It's bad enough having puffiness there—it doesn't need to be made worse with such a foul-sounding word.

Now that we've gotten that off our chests, let's focus on how to deal with them. You can try microneedling or injections if you're up for an invasive treatment, or you can opt for a more temporary trick like putting tea bags or cold compresses over the area to reduce puffiness. But if you're in a real pinch, especially after a long night of working (or pizza and Stan), we've found the holy-grail concealers that help diminish their appearance. They're so good, in fact, that celebrity makeup artists swear by them. Take a look at the best concealers for under-eye bags below.

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