Which Cleansing Oils Remove Makeup Best? See My Reviews

Faith Xue

Last week, an acquaintance casually mentioned that she only uses makeup wipes to “clean her face” most nights, and will wash it only when she’s “wearing a lot of makeup.” Upon hearing this proclamation, I had what can only be described a mild heart attack—my chest tightened up, my breath shortened, and I felt all the blood rush to my face. As someone who prefers a lazy approach to every other aspect of my beauty routine, face-cleansing lands squarely in the “just do it, no matter how tired/drunk/lazy you are” category. Why? Because none of the other products you just spent all that money on are going to work unless your canvas is clean (this cautionary tale should convince you of that). I know I may come across as a total beauty editor skincare snob right now, but I’m not—mainly because if I’m going to make the effort to wash my face, I sure as hell am not going to remove my makeup beforehand. (See? Lazy.) Thus begins my quest for a cleanser that 1. doesn’t strip my skin (read: no sulfates) and 2. removes all my makeup so that I don’t have to add another step to my regimen. Enter: oil cleansers, which promise to fulfil both of those desires. But alas, I’ve been heartbroken more than enough times to realise that not all products perform as they promise. So, armed with a bevy of oil cleansers both classic and new, I set out to find out which ones removed my makeup best—and which ones didn’t.

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