I Tried 7 Cellulite Treatments So You Don't Have To

Victoria Hoff

Isabella Behravan

For 90% of the female population, cellulite is basically as inevitable as death and taxes. While it's easy to be tempted by gimmicky workout routines and diets that promise to banish those dimples forever, the sad truth is that no number of squats is going to get rid of them. (Don't shoot the messenger—I'm just trying to save you from some extremely sore thighs.)

While surgery and expensive laser treatments might be your best bet for removing it entirely, there are countless products on the market that promise to at least diminish the so-called cottage cheese effect. And in the interest of smoothing out my own thighs and derrière, I decided to put some of the buzziest ones to the test.

Keep reading to see which treatments measured up.

Do you have any cellulite-fighting products or treatments that you'd recommend? Call them out in the comments below!

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