20 Things Our Editors Always Buy on a Trip to Priceline

Jade Cottee

How many times have you ducked into Priceline to pick up some dry shampoo, only to reach the register and realise you've somehow collected a full basket of products? If you're anything like the editors in our office, we're guessing this happens on the regular.

There's something about shelves upon shelves of French pharmacy skincare, beauty basics, cosmetics and haircare that lures us in every time. And before we know it, our innocent dry shampoo expedition has turned into a beauty haul of epic proportions. (Not that we're complaining.)

So what are the products that top the list at Byrdie Australia HQ? We quizzed our editors to find out the items they simply cannot resist. Scroll down to shop 20 editor-approved beauty buys that are frequently purchased by the team at Byrdie Australia.

Which Priceline products do you always purchase? Let us know in the comments below. 

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