Need a Quick Tan? Body Bronzers Are Going to Be Your New Go-To

Kaitlyn McLintock

Maybe you’ve never been into spray tanning. Maybe your busy schedule kept you from taking that oceanside vacation you’d been dreaming of since last February, or maybe you've sworn off sunbathing altogether (you know, to avoid sunburns and subsequent skin damage). Whatever the reason, it’s nearly the end of summer—sigh—and you’re not exactly feeling like the perfectly bronzed Italian girl you thought you would.

Don’t worry. There’s a fix: body bronzer. Just like the kind you apply to your face, body bronzer slims, defines, and darkens. Apply it to pale skin for a temporary tan glow or to already sun-kissed skin for an airbrushed effect. The best part is that unlike with self-tanners, you don’t have to worry about streaks or discoloration. If you don’t like the result or you were a little too heavy-handed during the application process, it’s as easy as washing the product off with soap. Are you starting to see why celebrity makeup artists swear by it for the red carpet? Keep reading to see the eight best body bronzers to use, whether you have pale or dark skin.

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