I Asked for the Same Blowout at 3 Different Salons—See the Final Looks

Hallie Gould

A good blowout is like the perfect lusty fling: It lasts for a week tops and puts an unprecedented pep in your step the entire time. But it’s not always exactly what you want.

I realised through my many, many blowouts at various locations I always end up with something different—even though I consistently ask for the same style. The scene is always the same: I walk in and sit down with my stylist for the day, and we chat about what I want. I say “messy, textured waves” and get whisked back to the sink. The end result is always beautiful, with the curls bouncing and the compliments a-flowing. But it is interesting that the same description can yield such varied results.

I decided to take my theory on a test drive and hit up a few different places and services in the city. Each time, I would ask for the same thing and watch what happens. I’d say yes to anything they asked: products, tools, etc., as to make sure I wasn’t interfering with the process. Then, I’d photograph the results and come to a final conclusion.

Ready to follow along? Watch the video below, then keep scrolling to read my in-depth reviews.

In the end, I realised it’s not about a stylist’s ability to give me what I want (although obviously that’s part of it); it’s also about artists making stylistic choices when performing their craft. In this case, each hairstylist listened to what I said and did his own interpretation of the words. I left with three beautiful ’dos, each different in ways that represent what each stylist does. I didn’t bring in a photo, so they just had to go off of my words, my vibe, and their own choices with products, tools, and a certain flick of the wrist.

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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