Did You Know These Luxe Beauty Products Are Sold at Target?

Deven Hopp

Does everyone breathe a sigh of relief when they walk into Target? For being a mega superstore, it’s oddly comforting. You just get that feeling of “mmm I’m home.” We could get lost in virtually any section of the store—browsing $6 tees, perusing new home décor knickknacks, stocking up on greeting cards—but we always make sure to spend ample time inspecting the shelves of the beauty aisles. Naturally, we love the convenience of getting our Maybelline mascara, our La Roche-Posay sunscreen, and a few travel-size tubes of toothpaste all in one sweep. But what’s even more exciting is the array of beauty brands you can only find at Target—and they’re good ones.

Scroll through for seven reasons to make a Target run this week!

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