Buy Your Mother's Love With These Amazing Gifts

Lisa Patulny


My hit list for a good-enough Mother's Day present changed dramatically this year. Where once a nice candle or new night cream and a stack of books sufficed, now the most extravagant of facials and a garnish gift of $140 worth of luxury chocolate does not. Why? I'm pregnant. Blame it on 10 weeks of severe morning sickness but suddenly my appreciation for the woman who raised me has grown, like, a lot. This is a nice thing. Not least because I previously thought I couldn't possibly be more grateful for her. (I tell everyone she's the best, because she really is.) The one potential downside to this new era of primo gifting is that affording the things mum truly deserves doesn't always come cheap. That said, not everything super-special is spendy. (Plus, in the wise words of many a L'Oreal ambassador, she's worth it.) My plan this time around is to gift her one truly luxe thing. Ahead you'll find my edit of the most gorgeous options available, from a silk anti-ageing pillowcase to a diffuser so chic you could mistake it for sculpture. With only a few days to go, I suggest you head in store over the weekend to snap up a winner.

Click through the gallery below to buy your mother's love.

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