5 Celebrities Who Completely Changed Their Beauty Look for the AMAs

Lisa Patulny

Every year the American Music Awards presents celebrities with the opportunity to debut a fresh hair or makeup look. (Remember Kylie Jenner's teal blue strands last year?) Yep, unlike some award shows, which generally turn up a lot of beautiful, but same-same pairings, it seems the AMAs are the choice for anyone wanting to bust out of their beauty rut. 

Which is exactly why we love watching the red carpet for inspiration (you know, for our own lives). Case in point: Gigi's did-she-or-didn't-she 'do—I'd bet you a hundred it's already got hairdressers across the country scrambling for scissors. And she's not the only one! Keep scrolling for the five celebrities who completely changed their beauty looks for this year's AMAs!

What do you think of these beauty looks? Did Gigi really cut her hair? Sound off in the comments below!

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