The Most Head-Turning Beauty Looks at the 2019 Golden Globes

Kaitlyn McLintock

The holiday season is over. We've travelled far and wide to see friends and family, given gifts, eaten all the good food, shopped the best end of year sales, and—most recently—we've even nursed a New Year's hangover. After all of that you think we'd be cocooned in our beds, binging Netflix and willing winter vacation to never end. And we are. Well, partly. In reality, we're cocooned in our beds, watching the Golden Globes, and willing winter vacation to never end.

That's right. We have another cause for celebration. Tonight the Golden Globes are being held in Los Angeles (in fact, they're being held as we speak). This annual star-studded ceremony is the inaugural award show of 2019 and the kick-off of Awards Season as a whole. That means that the people that win big tonight are likely to win big at the Critic's Choice Awards, BAFTA's, and Academy Awards that take place later this year. For us, this means a first look at the best celebrity beauty looks we'll reference for inspiration all year long. Keep scrolling to see the best hair and makeup looks from the 2019 Golden Globes. These 18 celebs are the reason for all of our particularly glamorous beauty looks to come. 

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