Influencers Are Still Wearing These Past Fashion Week Australia Beauty Trends

Lisa Patulny

Fashion Week Australia is—by all accounts—a fashion event. That said, I sometimes forget the entire point is to allow designers an opportunity to showcase their wares. Sounds obvious (I mean, duh), but when you spend the week backstage scribbling down beauty how-tos, it's easy to get stuck in a bubble. Regardless, I would argue the hair and makeup looks that accompany the collections are just as important as the clothes. They help set the tone for each show, giving a visual idea of who the brand's customer is. Personally, I get excited by all sorts of runway beauty looks, be they outrageous or understated. Last year, I was in raptures over glitter underliner and diamante brows, but I got just as enthusiastic about using $3 lip balm as makeshift brow gel. More than anything though, what really gets me going is a wearable beauty trend with staying power. Below you'll find my hit list of past Fashion Week Australia beauty looks that have stood the test of time. Influencers are still wearing them, and so am I. (And I don't think that's going to change anytime soon.)

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