Hands Down: These Are the 7 Best Anti-Wrinkle Creams We've Ever Tried

Amy Lewis

We all know that prevention is less work than a cure, which is why anti-wrinkle creams are so important. But with so many different skin types and an extensive list of aggressors all contributing to the fine lines and wrinkles on our faces—UV exposure, free-radicals, pollution, dehydration, facial expressions and movement in general—finding the right anti-ageing cream to keep skin looking soft, smooth and youthfully plump can be tough.



The anti-wrinkle cream you need in your 30s, for example, one rich in replenishing oils and vitamins and boosted by collagen-stimulating retinol (experts agree that 29 is the age these collagen fibres start losing their elasticity), will likely differ from the preventative creams that’ll be most effective in your 20s, where protecting and reinforcing the skin’s own healing processes is the focus, rather than deeper repair. Knowing which anti-ageing ingredients to look out for depending on your age can be handy, too.

Luckily, we have recommendations for every skin type no matter what stage of the anti-ageing game you’re at. Keep scrolling for the 7 best anti-wrinkle creams for smooth, glowing skin.

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