A Visual Guide to Finding Your Ideal Anti-Ageing Product

Lindsey Metrus

If your approach to anti-ageing is strolling down the aisle of your Priceline or Sephora, picking up whichever product sounds the most appealing, going home, and slathering it on, we've got some news for you: Unfortunately, you're doing it wrong. Anti-ageing products need to be selected carefully and should be as tailored and specific to your skin type as your usual skincare. Just because your friend swears by retinols doesn't mean you should also become a retinol devotee. As such, with the help of Dr. Karen Hammerman of Schweiger Dermatology Group, we put together a visual guide so you can hone in on the ideal anti-ageing ingredient for you based on your goals and needs. Go ahead, find your miracle ingredient below!

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