These Little-Known Amazon Skincare Products Have Huge Followings

Lindsey Metrus

If we're being honest, Amazon is much more than an e-commerce giant, it's a community. Many consumers are repeat shoppers and are extremely vocal about voicing their opinions on the products they have purchased. This of course informs other shoppers who trust the feedback of unbiased users, which is probably one of the largest driving forces for finally pulling the trigger on a purchase. The Q&A section also lends itself to a communal space for clarifying how a product works, if it works, and so forth. Amazon can sometimes be a dangerous place (I recently "blacked out" and bought an acoustic guitar from the site even though I've got the same guitar skill as a cat), but it's also a complete goldmine. 

The skincare section is a particularly well-travelled hub on Amazon (in the U.S., whereas the Aus version is still new, so we're getting there), boasting countless pages and reviews for brands even we as beauty editors hadn't heard of. Upon first quick glance, it's a deep sea of hidden treasures, and we needed to dive right in. Below, take a look at the products with over a thousand positive reviews each.

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