Fit GIF: The Flat-Abs Workout With Christine Bullock

Deven Hopp

Ever feel like you’ve tried every ab exercise in the book? Us, too. We could drop down to the floor and show you at least a dozen plank variations. But when Christine Bullock—all-around health guru and creator of Evolution 20 ($44), Super Shred ($32), and Body Reborn ($19)—dropped by Byrdie headquarters, we learned a thing or two. We asked her to show us the moves she relies on to get a flat tummy and maintain a trim waist, and every move she taught us was completely new. (Have you ever done an exercise called Chrissy’s Can Can?) And each one targets your entire core—abs, hips, and thighs included—which, Bullock explained, is key. These aren’t moves you can coast through—you’re definitely going to feel the burn, but that’s the point. Bullock is all about shorter, more effective workouts. You don’t need to do 100 crunches or spend 30 minutes on an ab routine. If you’re working the right muscles, you can get a flat stomach and toned core with just three moves.

Scroll through to see Bullock’s three go-to moves to work your entire core!

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