Turmeric: Why Your Skin is Craving This Inexpensive Spice

Alina Gonzalez
by Alina Gonzalez


Every now and then, a superfood—even if it's been around for centuries—lands on our radar, and we understand more about its benefits. The most recent item to get the spotlight? A spice by the name of turmeric, which may just be the new secret weapon of healthy skin.

One of the real women we interviewed in our L.A. street beauty story initially tipped us off to the benefits of turmeric. Said real woman had skin that was a total dream, and she attributed her "California glow" to the turmeric. But she's not the only spice girl—models and magazine editors are also hip to turmeric's complexion-enhacing properties. What's more, it's also been showing up on the menus of every major cold-pressed juice company around town, and it's the latest hero of the clean-eating movement. So today we're taking a closer look at the spice to find out what makes it such a powerhouse ingredient for our skin.

Keep reading to meet your new favourite spice and learn about the many benefits it has for your skin.

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