Benefit Just Launched a New Brightening Version of Its Cult-Favourite Primer

Kaitlyn McLintock

Benefit might be a brand that's all about brows, but it has a number of cult classic products that belong to other makeup categories too. Take, for example, its POREfessional Face Primer ($53). It’s been a long-standing fan favourite since it does a little bit of everything. It nourishes the skin with vitamin E, preps it for makeup, provides a super-smooth base, and minimizes the appearance of pores. (Keep in mind it does all of that before you even apply your foundation or concealer).

The brand just announced a brand-new iteration of this product. It has all the same pore-diminishing and makeup-priming benefits of the old version, but with a soft radiance formula that visibly brightens and blurs the complexion. Let us introduce you to Benefit's New POREfessional Pearl Primer

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