Watch Our Senior Editor Use 4 Concealers to Make Her Under-Eye Circles Disappear

Hallie Gould

Finding the perfect under-eye concealer is like searching for your shoe size at a sample sale—time-consuming and often fruitless. As someone who sports hereditary dark circles, lack of sleep-related bags, and a few budding crows feet, I spend countless days test-driving concealer after concealer in a quest to find one that will lighten, brighten, soothe, and stay put (i.e. no creasing or caking). So far, my pursuit has been fruitless, ending in frustration and tagged pictures I wish I could forget. 

When Benefit rebooted their most popular concealers with new monikers and packaging under the Boi-ing Concealer Collection (at $34 a pop), my ears perked up. However, only slightly. I've been let down by adorable pink branding and charming product names before. Each one targets a different under-eye ailment with various textures, formulas, and shades. I tried each one—first swatching it against my arm and then layering them along my under-eyes, lid, and brow-bone. 

Watch above to see the results in real time. 

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