Party in the Back: Bella Heathcote’s Updo Is Stunning From All Angles

Lisa Patulny

Anyone else super excited to see Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? As a Jane Austen fan (and secret George A. Romero obsessive), I can barely contain myself. If you also love a literary classic-turned-zombie-movie, you'll know the film premiered in London overnight, with the cast—including beauties Suki Waterhouse and Lily James—hitting the red carpet in style.

There were some solid beauty looks (shoutout to Waterhouse's shimmery eyeshadow), but our eyes went straight to Australian actress Bella Heathcote. Why? That hair. Heathcote seemed to be proving that the only truth worth acknowledging on the red carpet is that a cool-girl updo is never a bad idea. A simple, almost casual side part at the front perfectly complemented the incredible twisted back. 



For a similar look, mist hair with a lightweight spray like Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Prime Light ($45) for hold then split into two ponytails and secure. (One should sit above the other.) Wind the top pony around itself, maneuver into a twisted shape and pin to the scalp. Repeat with the bottom ponytail. Leave your fringe free and loose for the same casual-cool vibe. 


How do you feel about Bella's updo? Are you as excited as I am for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies to hit screens this month? Sound off below. 


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