Bella Hadid Reveals the Playlist That Puts Her to Sleep Every Single Night

Dacy Knight

Getting a good night's rest is something we all strive (and struggle) for, and famous sleepers don't have it any easier. Especially when you have a schedule like Bella Hadid. Between walking every other runway during fashion month, launching your own collaboration with Chrome Hearts, and redefining the revenge body, Hadid's agenda makes it difficult to imagine how she was able to catch any z's. But the model spilled her biggest sleep secret in a recent interview with Teen Vogue, a little trick she swears by to fall asleep faster where ever she is—be in New York, LA, Paris, or Milan.

"I recently started listening to mediation music which makes me have a deeper sleep, even if I just have four hours," Hadid told the magazine. Her favourite is the 50 Best Meditation Songs Collection on iTunes. A quick listen makes it clear why she uses the playlist to lull her to sleep, no matter what she's doing or where she is. "I'm usually out by the fourth song," she says.

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