Bella Hadid on Extreme Dieting: "I've Done Some Crazy Sh*t"

Victoria Hoff

Coveteur/Travis Schneider 

Spoiler: The Hadid diet isn't all burgers and pizza. We actually got a (literal) taste for this fact when our senior editor, Hallie, tried to follow the detox that Bella—in addition to several of her supermodel contemporaries—supposedly swears by. (Second spoiler: It wasn't easy.)

But believe it or not, that's not the most intense cleanse the younger Hadid sister has ever put her body through—and that admission comes from the model herself. In a new interview with Coveteur, Bella opens up about how she really keeps her body photo-ready at all times. Third spoiler: She's tried "some crazy shit." (The good news is she's since learned to give herself a break.)

Keep scrolling to see some highlights from the profile, from her apathy toward working out to her methods of self-care.

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