7 Male Models Share Their Annoyingly Simple Beauty Routines

Dacy Knight

Here at Byrdie HQ, we're always taking notes when models spill their beauty routines—from their skincare secrets to their fitness regimens to their date-night makeup looks. But one source of beauty knowledge we rarely tap is male models. Just like their female catwalk counterparts, they too must appear photo-ready for the job.

For five seasons I served as a casting assistant for the Versace shows during men's fashion week in Milan. My duties mostly circled around updating spreadsheets, sending out call times, keeping agents on speed dial (for every time a male model went MIA—which was just as often as you'd think), and wrangling the guys backstage before the show. Unlike female models, who have all developed fail-safe beauty regimens to keep skin clear and hair damage-free, male models appeared to have a decidedly more casual approach to looking good. Their strategy was so relaxed, in fact, that we constantly had to remind them to drink more water (and party less), and sometimes, I even had to book facials for them.

But for the sake of curiosity, we reached out to some of the former Versace boys to see what beauty routines keep them ready for the runway. Most were confused by what I even meant by "beauty routine"—foreign words in their book—even when I broke the idea down into categories like skincare, fitness, and grooming. Those who were able to muster up a response offered up advice strikingly more streamlined and simple than what any female model does on a daily basis.

Head below to see how male models stay photo-ready with their annoyingly simple beauty routines.

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