We'll Just Say It: Our Mums Know the Most About Beauty

Lisa Patulny

The first time I became aware of Gigi Hadid was via her impossibly elegant mother Yolanda Foster's turn on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I was already a fan of Foster's, and of course once Hadid appeared onscreen I was immediately impressed with her beauty (I mean, I do have eyes). Seeing them together, and the specialness of their mother-daughter relationship was so heartwarming it began a fascination of sorts with them as a pair. After that ep, I was not only Google stalking TRHBH spoilers and Hadid's beauty and fitness routine, I had begun clicking on anything that featured the duo together. 

Like Foster and Hadid, my mum and I are close. I call her my life compass because I turn to her for advice and direction on even the most mundane of things. Everyone says this but I genuinely mean it: my mother is truly the best person I know. I've never met another woman so selfless or with such a bottomless tank of compassion. While she's passed on a lot of things to me over the years (most more important than how to apply mascara TBH), until now I've never stopped to think about how she's influenced my idea of beauty.

Looking back, there's a lot to remember. As a kid I'd sneak into the bathroom and stick my fingers into mum's prized tub of Nutrimetics clay masque and smear it on my legs because it made me feel fancy. (To quote Justin Bieber, is it too late now to say sorry?) I have childhood memories of watching her massage moisturiser into her face, neck and elbows before bed—a ritual I adopted many years ago—and the smell of Olay moisturiser will forever remind me of her. There was also the time my sister broke a brand new Chanel blush over the top of my parents' white bedspread... The pained look on her face came back to haunt me a few months ago when I did the exact same thing with a box-fresh Nars' Laguna ($56).

The memories we share with our mothers are special, and the lessons they teach us, numerous. In honour of the very important job they do of steering us safely through girlhood, teenagerdom (god help them) then womanhood, we've compiled a list of their best ever beauty tips. From us and ours to you and yours. Keep scrolling for the life-changing beauty tips we've learned from our mums.


What's the best beauty advice your mum has given you? Share it with us below! 

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