These Solid Beauty Products Are Every Clumsy Girl's Dream

Lindsey Metrus

For those of us all too familiar with the disorderly complications of travelling, get ready to get on board with the latest beauty products that have been taking over. Perfect for travel, on-the-go application, and if you're messy, they're a godsend. These solid beauty products are just that—solid. From perfume, cleansers, and toners to products we never thought could be solid like shampoos, these miracle creations are making waves in the beauty industry. The marvel of the non-liquid product is simple: It eliminates the waste, hassle, and mess. Forget the past of trying to pour your products into travel-size containers. Leave behind the curse of broken caps leaking oils and creams into your bag. Need we say more? Scroll down to read why these no-spill products are becoming everyone's new go-to products.

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