How to Make 2016 Your Most Beautiful Year Yet

Lisa Patulny

Every January the same New Year’s resolutions abound. (“Go to the gym more!” “Take up daily meditation!” “Book in regular facials!”) While these are great, and very worthy goals, there’s another we think you should consider: Making 2016 your most beautiful year yet. Lofty yes, but also achievable. What does this mean exactly? It’s all about finding out what works for you beauty-wise, for once and for all. (It’s not about high-maintenance skincare, makeup or hair routines—unless, of course, you want it to be!)

Picture the most pulled-together woman you know; one with glowy skin, a signature makeup look (be that a polished red lip or subtle swish of bronzer), and the secret to always having a good hair day. That can be you, and it will be… if you follow our suggestions below.

Keep reading for how to make this year your most beautiful yet!



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