10 Genius Uses for Your Drugstore Lip Balm

Amanda Montell

You know what would be amazing? If someone invented a multi-taking beauty product that you could use for literally anything—lip gloss, highlighter, moisturiser, hair gel, brow pomade, everything. Oh wait... that product already exists. And it costs less than $5.

That's right—sitting in your purse right now is the world's most versatile beauty product: lip balm. And we're not talking about a fancy $60 designer lip balm, either. We're talking about your carmex, Vaseline, Rosebud Salve, Babylips, and other super simple lip balms you can pick up at the drugstore. Personally, I milk my favourite lip balm for all that it's worth, using it as an eczema treatment, face gloss, and more.

I knew there had to be other smart hacks for your everyday lip balm, so I got in touch with three celebrity makeup artists of Honey Artists, who've made lip balm work on runways and red carpets in ways you would not even imagine. Ready to see your $2 lip balm in a whole new light? Keep scrolling for 10 amazing lip balm hacks to try today!

Do you have any clever lip balm hacks? Tell us in the comments below!

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