10 Beauty Gadgets Byrdie Editors Swear By

Erin Jahns

Now more than ever, the shelves and landing pages of our favorite beauty retailers resemble the covetable inventory (and treatment menus) of exclusive medspas and prestigious dermatology offices. Before, services involving microcurrents, LED light therapy, and dermaplaning were, for the most part, by appointment only. But now, the lines are blurring (even a tad literally if we're talking about results), and an ever-increasing number of creative and technological advances are being made to make the exact same (or at least very similar) treatments available for us to use right at home. And while some of them are indeed an investment, they're an unequivocal steal compared to an in-office alternative. 

That being said, not all of these new beauty gadgets and devices are created equally, and we've seen and tried our fair share of wild-goose chases. Yet on the flip side, we've also become addicted to a handful of truly life-changing products (at least where our beauty repertoire is concerned) that we feel are worth the splurge (or not splurge!) and the hype. Ahead, 10 beauty gadgets our editors actually use and swear by for legitimate results. Keep scrolling!

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