French Women Can't Live Without These Hair Products

Lindsey Metrus


There's something completely enticing about les femmes françaises. They're the antitheses to the Kardashian/Jenners (think fewer drawn-on lips and more fresh-out-of-bed beauty). In fact, the French approach to beauté is more of an afterthought—an "I literally just woke up like this" stance. French women have made minimal-effort beauty chic, which is something we can totally get behind and fully appreciate (especially on mornings when dry shampoo is our last hope).

Speaking of dry shampoo, we can't get over the understated, no-frills, perfectly mussed coifs of the French. This means very infrequent hair washing and a complete lack of styling tools. Exhibit A: Christophe Robin told us that French women "accept their natural texture, and they try to bring the best out of it," so straighteners, curling irons, and blowouts are pretty much taboo. We're all about jumping on the healthy, untouched, messy hair bandwagon, so to that, we say vive la France! To perfect your own French-girl hair, try some of the country's beloved hair products below.

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