Invite Only: This Sydney-Based Publicist Reveals Her "Life-Changing" Facialist

Lisa Patulny

Introducing a brand new Byrdie Australia initiative: Invite Only. This series is intended to shine a light on the—‘til now—hush-hush beauty experts relied upon by industry movers and shakers, and those in the know. The aim is to, quite literally, invite you into the inner circle, where the names of pros who specialise in things like curing acne, brightening smiles, and streamlining eating plans are privately shared. (Sometimes in actual whispers.)

Up first, Bianca Boulden, brand and communications manager for salon Edwards and Co, who’s selflessly sharing the name of her magic-working, skin-fixing, Sydney-based facialist.

Keep reading for our Q&A.

The recommender: Bianca Boulden, brand and communications manager for Edwards and Co

The recommendation: Angela Hibbard, facialist

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