How to Roll Away Your Bra Bulge Before Summer

by Lauren Roxburgh

Nothing’s worse than that stubborn bra bulge. It’s happened to us all—you see a reflection of yourself in a mirror and catch a glimpse of a pinch of that dreaded back fat squeezed out by a tight bra strap. Yikes!

The back and sides of our bodies tend to be neglected in our everyday lives. Many workouts focus on our legs, arms, abs, and butts, and don’t address the muscles in our back and sides. Add to this the fact that we all spend a lot of time sitting and slouching as we drive, work, and tap away on our computers or phones—all things that hunch us over, giving us poor posture and accentuating the impact of any excess weight we might be carrying in our sides and back. But the good news is with a few moves on a foam roller ($10), you can create length and space in your core and back and banish the bra bulge forever.

The foam roller acts as a tool for myofascial release, lubricating your tissues and joints, melting away stress, and boosting circulation tremendously. The roller gets into the fascia in much the same way that a deep-tissue massage does, working out the toxins and scar tissue and helping to reformulate the structure of the muscles into a sleeker, leaner, more upright body and helping to reduce thickness and compression in the body. (For more information, see my book, Taller, Slimmer, Younger: 21 Days to a Foam Roller Physique, $18).

Scroll down for the four-move sequence!

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