Say Good Bye to Balayage Hair Colour and Hello to Babylights

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There's only one thing we love more than long, lazy summer days—long, lazy summer hairstyles. The warmer months call for hair to be natural, low maintenance and sunkissed. We want to look just-left-the-beach perfect, always, with no effort required.

Balayage has had its time in the sun (pun intended) and now, we’re looking for something more polished but still natural and with the same amount of upkeep (read: none).

Babylights are the new balayage—you heard it here first—and we asked one of Sydney’s leading hairstylists, Anthony Nader of Raw, to lift the lid on the trend.

“It’s kind of the colour to have when you’re not having a colour, so to speak,” Anthony explains.

Zeroing in on the general push towards less obvious colouring techniques, the babylights look refers to the jealousy-inducing, multi-dimensional appearance of a child's hair, where the subtle, natural highlights caused by the sun evoke a no-work, sunkissed look.

They’re subtle, soft and if done right, look as though you’ve spent a week on the sand as opposed to an afternoon in the salon.

“Babylights are smooth and subtle with even, thin, micro-weaves that have been mastered with the hairdresser’s crafty tail comb,” Nader explains. “It’s beautiful, even colour from roots—yes, roots-to ends.”

It’s the opposite of the brash, regrowth-proud look of the super trend balayage. Think of it this way: if balayage is the loudest, most outgoing person at the party, babylights is the stylish, silent type.

Hair can be a tricky customer and as always with a hair trend, clear communication with your hairdresser is key. While Nader is certain your colourist will already be up on the trend (and that’s saying something), he suggests you break it down for them to ensure you get the look.

“Let them in on the new secret of highlights that need to be super fine, so your colour looks like a halo,” Nader suggests. 

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While the idea of colour on our roots isn’t ideal (hello touch-ups!), babylights are actually just as low maintenance as any grown-out trend we’ve seen.

Not only are the highlights generally applied in one or two shades lighter than your natural colour, the application of them is so fine and cleverly woven at the root, with a subtle graduation of colour from the crown to the tip, that the thick streak look of differing colour is eliminated. The result is subtly accented, natural-looking hair. Genius.

While the look can work with any colour, Nader says it is especially perfect for brunettes.

“This look is perfect for the girl with a hair base colour darker than a medium brown, that wants to just knock off the edge of a darker shade that her complexion will work beautifully with.”

Polished, low maintenance hair? That’s a trend we can get on board with.

“Say good bye to chunky streaks and balayage girls,” Nader says, “there’s a new baby in town!”

Scroll down to see the celebs who’ve embraced trend. Would you try babylights? Tell us in the comments below!

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