Ariana Grande and Olivia Culpo Prove Baby Bangs Are Back in a Major Way

Kaitlyn McLintock

Have you ever heard those horror stories from kids on school picture day? You know the ones—where their mum tried to give them an at-home haircut the night before. They squirm, so their mum cut their bangs crooked, which means they kept getting shorter and shorter until they were finally (kind of) even. When they smile for the yearbook photo the next day, they're bangs are tiny, maybe two inches long, resting high above their eyebrows. My first grade elementary school photo is proof that these stories are not urban legend...and that my mum should not be trusted with a pair of scissors (sorry mum). 

These so-called "baby bangs" might have made everyone cringe back then, but now some of the most popular celebrities have brought them back. They're chic, vintage-inspired, and totally wearable for anyone. Everyone from Beyonce to Bella Hadid have worn them in the past, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down, especially since Ariana Grande and Olivia Culpo both debuted the very same haircut over the weekend. Keep scrolling to see the photos.


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First up, we have Ariana Grande. Yesterday, the singer took to Instagram to show off her new cut. These baby bangs, (which are also sometimes called micro bangs) are cut high up on her forehead and feathered out for an extremely old-school look. She kept the rest of her signature long hair sleek and what looks like platinum blonde or grey (she's famously dyed her hair both of those colours in the past). 

Grande has spoken out about wearing wigs and extensions before in order to preserve the health of her natural hair, so whether or not this haircut is a real one, or a well-prepared wig is yet to be seen. Either way, we kind of love it. It highlights Grande's bone structure and perfectly-shaped eyebrows. 


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Then there's Olivia Culpo, who posted this photo on her Instagram, captioning it "today I got bangs and a horse." It looks like she's on set for a photoshoot or something similar, thanks to her glam get-up, perfect makeup, and superbly styled hair. 

Clearly, Culpo's shoulder-grazing bob differs greatly from Grande's almost waist length hair, so it's a good example of the versatility of baby bangs. In Culpo's case, the bangs look amazing when paired with the volume and texture of her short cut. It elevates the look from "my mum cut my hair before school picture day" to Miss-Universe level results. If you agree, and you yearn for the same volume and texture as Culpo, try using French Girl Organics Sea Spray ($35) which will give you a little bit of both. 

How do you feel about these baby bangs? Tell us in the comments below! Then, see the type of haircut that's trending all over Pinterest

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