5 Metabolism-Boosting Avocado Smoothie Recipes

Sabrina Paparella

By now, you're likely familiar with the wonderful world of avocado, an ingredient that we can safely say is almost universally loved. On toast, as a dip, or by itself, it seems there's no limit to the versatility of this one magical piece of produce. Nutritious and filling, we're always trying to find new ways to add avocado to our diets. Lately, we've been bolstering our breakfast with avocado as an ingredient in our morning smoothies—and it has completely changed the way we wake up. There are plenty of ways to mix up avocado in your smoothie, but today we've gathered a few of our favourite iterations.

Keep reading for five avocado smoothies that are as simple as they are addicting.

Avocados aren't only for eating. Keep reading to see how one celebrity hairstylist uses avocado for hair.

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