The Average Cost of Beauty Maintenance Could Put You Through Harvard

Kaitlyn McLintock

We’re relatively aware that we spend a decent amount of cash on beauty products. We know that a $100 palette here and a $60 moisturiser there add up quickly, and that’s not even taking into account some of our most splurge-worthy skincare products like serums and masks. (Let’s just say that there’s a reason we refer to some pricey products as “investments”—they may make a significant dent in our bank accounts, but they have the potential to change our makeup and skincare games forever).

We weren’t entirely conscious, though, of how much our beauty spending habits add up to over the course of a year—or worse, over the course of a lifetime. A new study conducted by OnePoll for Groupon showed us just that—and as willing as we are to funnel our paycheques into amazing skincare or beautiful hair colour, we probably couldn't have guessed that on average, the amount of money we spend on our appearance could pay for four years of Harvard tuition.

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