4-Minute Hairstyles Every Australian Model Will Be Wearing This Summer

Emily Algar

Twelve days into spring, the east coast has been hit with a mini heatwave (by which we mean two days that are warmer than 25 degrees). The sudden rise in temperature has got us seriously contemplating our hair—blow dries just aren't practical when sweat and humidity are thrown into the mix. So we turned to our fellow Aussies (of the model variety) for some summer hairstyle inspiration.

Earning a living from the way they look, these models know a thing or two about hair. Factor in very demanding schedules, and you've got easy, sweat-proof styles that take less time than your morning coffee. Whether you're swimming, baking (with SPF under the umbrella, no doubt), or battling public transport, there's a hair hack that will keep you cool during the warmer months. 

Keep scrolling for seven model-approved hairstyles that will see you through summer. 

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