We Asked 8 Australian Models What They Use When Their Skin Freaks Out

Lisa Patulny

Courtesy of OmgFive

Last week, during Fashion Week Australia, I made it my mission to use all allocated expert interview time wisely. Instead of interrogating makeup directors on which brush they used to paint on lipstick backstage (because, who cares?), I pressed for details on what they use to conceal pimples. I kept my eyes peeled for top performing products from show to show (this drugstore highlighter popped up repeatedly), and riffled through beauty bags for contraband skincare products. (See: Everybody's favourite cult French cleanser.) I also convinced the PR company hosting Anna Quan's pre-show fittings to let me quiz the show's models. My question: Which product do you rely on most when your complexion plays up? Ahead, you'll find eight tried and true, model-approved recommendations for gentle, effective skin savers.

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