How to Apply Makeup for Your Face Shape

Lindsey Metrus

Makeup is a a very experimental and fluid concept. You should have fun with it, feel comfortable in it, and not feel like you need to follow any rules. But with that are expert tricks that actually help you look even better—think the best bronzer for your skin tone, how to apply eyeliner like a professional—and what we're about to teach you today—applying makeup for your face shape.

It's true: strategically placing blush, bronzer, and highlight on certain areas of your face will showcase your best features. Do you have an oblong face? Blush and highlighter can make it look rounder. Looking to add more definition to a round face? Bronzer will take care of that. To learn how to optimally place these three products on oval, square, oblong, round, and heart-shaped faces, we spoke to several Sephora Pro makeup artists for their expertise. Keep scrolling to learn more!

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