6 Morning Rituals That Can Help With Anxiety

Hallie Gould

As someone who suffers from bouts of anxiety, I've found my mornings to be a huge source of solace (or sometimes stress). When I wake up with a jolt, have work to finish, my clothes are everywhere, and I'm already running late, my anxiety is all but debilitating. However, when I give myself time in the morning to unwind, stretch, shower, and slowly run through my thoughts, it all seems doable.

Still, I'm only human, and sometimes I need a little bit of help. For that reason, I turned to T30 readers. Below, six helpful women explain their morning routines and the rituals they use to soothe their own anxiety. Since then, I've been trying each one, taking my anxious thoughts day by day and slowly learning to work through them. Keep reading for their helpful advice.

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