These 9 Foods Are the Fountain of Youth

Jillian Knox Finley

Science will tell you that premature ageing is a lifestyle choice rather than a genetic certainty. And it's not exactly news that diet, social and exercise habits, and other lifestyle choices can all accelerate or decelerate signs of ageing. That being said, the details can seem a little fuzzy at times. So today we're breaking down the nutritional benefits of certain foods and how they can help prolong youth.

Alkaline foods and antioxidant-rich supplements aid in the prevention of oxidative stress on the body, a leading cause of the outward appearance of ageing, so we'll call them anti-ageing foods. Along with exercise and sun exposure, free-radical oxidation is a key cause of everything from wrinkles to lack of vitality, and it's entirely reversible with the proper nutrition. Keep scrolling to hear which foods can actually rejuvenate the body and make you look and feel your best.

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