This Facial Lifted, Firmed, and Contoured My Face in 60 Minutes

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Tracie Martyn is British-born makeup artist who may have discovered the fountain of youth. Hear me out.

I stopped by her NYC spa for what she refers to as the Red Carpet Facial, expecting it to be lovely and brightening. What I discovered, though, is it very literally leaves you looking like a different person when you leave. No wonder models like Naomi Campbell and Georgia May Jagger and actresses like Kate Winslet and Allison Williams sing her praises. Oh, and Kim Kardashian West swears by her body cream.

I wondered, though, why this facial boasted results far superior to others. And for $450 a pop, it better be worth it. Simply put, it's powered by Tracie Martyn's proprietary resculpting machine. Of course, this is not the only microcurrent facial on the market, but Martyn's understanding of the precise requirements is unmatched. "It's necessary to deliver a specific amount and type of current at the right intervals (the wave form and frequency), customised to the area you're working on," Martyn explains. After discovering her technique in Europe, she had to reevaluate and adjust the technology for her clients in the U.S.—naturally, Americans are looking for instant gratification. "The clients here are looking to see a difference in one treatment, not after a series of 10."

To do it, she collaborated with Marius Morariu, a nutritionist with a passion for science. Together, they developed her "Beyond Microcurrent" lifting machine, which works to keep your skin elastic, your face lifted and contoured, and your features defined after just one 60-minute session. "The technology has the ability to de-puff your face (similar to a lymphatic drainage massage), enhance your cheekbones, and define your jawline by stimulating the skin and the muscles underneath," notes Martyn.

"We combine both light (including pulsating amber light that preserves collagen) and current with clean, natural products to enhance the penetration of the actives." Keep reading for the rundown of my entire facial (step-by-step) and the products you can purchase to re-create a bit of the results at home.

FYI: This is how to use the internet to get better skin.

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