5 Anti-Ageing Essences Your Skin Has Been Begging For

Lindsey Metrus

If you're up-to-date on your Korean beauty knowledge (or just a card-holding beauty lover in general) chances are you've been faced with the word essence. And trust us, we understand any trepidation you may have toward yet another step within an already saturated category, but there's a reason Korean women apply seven layers of essences: they work. The science behind them is that they dampen the skin while also delivering active ingredients to prep your skin for forthcoming products (serums, moisturisers) and also penetrate good-for-you ingredients as its the first layer to touch your skin post-wash.

"Think of your skin like a sponge," explains Alicia Yoon, Korean beauty expert and owner of K-Beauty destination Peach & Lily. "When a sponge is dry, it feels super brittle and isn’t absorbent. You can put serums on it, but it will just sit on the top layer and won’t absorb well. Now, wet your sponge—it becomes fluffy and moist. You put a drop of oil on it, and it will absorb in an instant." Essences serve as the vehicle for moisture within the sponge that is your skin, and when you layer them, your skin demonstrably drinks in much more than it normally would.

But don't just choose any old essence—some contain alcohol—or "alcohol denat"—which is a huge no-no in the world of beauty (it's incredibly drying), so hold the ingredients under a microscope (as we think you always should!).  If ageing is your main concern, there are several amazing formulations packed with vitamins and minerals to help plump the skin and reverse fine lines. Below, we've rounded up some of our favourite anti-ageing essences in the game.

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