The Best Anti-Ageing Advice You'll Ever Receive, According to Experts

Jade Cottee

This year, I turned 28. One step closer to 30, one step further away from the beloved ingredients I'd come to rely on as being the most effective for my skin. This isn't necessarily a bad thing—with every birthday comes the chance to discover a life-changing product.  

During our 20s, our skin type and needs can change dramatically. Teen acne can turn into dehydrated, party-girl skin, before fine lines, uneven skintone and anti-ageing protection become our topmost concerns (save for a hormonal breakout or two). By the time we're in our mid-20s, we've amassed a beauty stash of serums, oils and masks dedicated to our every skin concern, some of which we haven't touched in years.

Sometimes, it really is best to get back to basics. In an effort to sift through the noise, we quizzed seven experts across various fields to determine the very best anti-ageing treatments, and it became apparent: sun protection, quality skincare and looking after your body from within is really all it takes. For the simple advice we all need to hear, scroll on!

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