L.A. Cool Girl Anine Bing Breaks Down Her Full Beauty Routine

Amanda Montell

Anine Bing

Byrdie readers, meet your new beauty muse: Anine Bing. Whether or not you recognise Anine's name, you'll probably recognise her work. Since launching her eponymous fashion brand in 2012, Anine has become one of L.A.'s coolest It girls and designers—and her effortless, rocker-girl creations (think lacy black bralettes and studded ankle boots) are a hit among the Gigi/Kendall crew. (Here's proof).

Little did we know that in addition to having a brilliant eye for clothes, Anine's taste in beauty is kind of incredible. We figured she had to be doing something right, seeing as her perpetually glowy skin and tousled lob are a subject of envy for her over 423,000 Instagram followers. Of course, we always love grilling up-and-coming beauty icons for their secrets; so we got to chatting with Anine and forced her to tell us her entire beauty routine, from skincare to hair and makeup. Unsurprisingly, this woman has some very clever tricks up her sleeve (including a $7 holy-grail lip balm and the retinol treatment to end all others).

Curious to see how L.A.'s coolest designer keeps her skin glowing 24/7? Just keep scrolling.

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